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 Octagonal Streetlight Pole  -7M Single Ornament Parabole
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Specification of

PJU Octagonal Light Lamp -7 Meter Single Ornament Parabole


For Single type Ornament type parabole suitable for PJU by using HPLN / HPI-T / SON / SON-T lamp

Applied as a public street lighting pole (perumhahan, highway, fly over and others).

Specification Pole:

Type: Street Lighting 7M Single Ornament - Octagonal


Material: Hot dip galvanized

Consists of 3 sections:

Section A (first cut): 5000mm

Section B (second piece): 2300mm

Among the 2 sections there is a "Slip Joint" as a connecting with a length of 300mm

Bottom Pole sized Ø128mm, and for top pole sized Ø70mm and pipe for 2

For bottom plate dimensions (bottom) 300mmx300mm, base plate t = 12 mm, Hole (Center) = Ø120mm, holes (4 dots) = Ø20.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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