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Flood Light LED Talled -140W
Flood Light LED Talled -140W
Flood Light LED Talled -140W
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Flood Light Talled -140W AC

Fulllux LED Spotlights are Energy saving lamps used for outdoor area lighting such as building highlight, highlight stage, shipping highlight. Available in small to largest size With its solid staten technology applied as general lighting, this lamp can last long with much better efficiency than previous lamp technology. In addition to energy-efficient, these lights support go green because of mercury-free so environmentally friendly.

Materials and Features:

1. Housing spotlight led lamp is made of aluminum which is coated with a powder paint to prevent anti-rust and long endurance.

2. Quality of tempred glass which has good resistance at high temperature

3. LED lights, have longer life characteristics, Stable color performance, and minimal maintenance costs.


Model: COB / Multi-LED

Lamp Power (W): 140W

Chips LED: Bridgelux

Input Voltage: 100-305VAC

Input Voltage: 12-24VAC

Power Frequency: 50-60Hz

Lumens: 15400lm / w

Power Factor:> 0.95

Color Temperature White: 7500K

Color Temperature Warm White: 3000K

Life span: 50,000 Hours

Protection Grade: IP65

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