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Philips PJU Street Lights 166 SON-T SPP 250W
Philips PJU Street Lights 166 SON-T SPP 250W
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Specification of

PJU Philips SPP 166 SON-T 250W Street Light

Philips SPP 166

this efficient light cost of roads provides fresh, fresh light for city roads, residential areas and industrial estates while making a significant contribution to safer and more comfortable envionment.


well designed for a good daytime aesthetic

residential diecast durable and strong

lined cover for good impact resistance

high quality gaskets and free glue compartment installation lamps for IP65 entry protection

intelligent frame design bred for better entry protection

Breathable filters and heat sinks for good air circulation and heat dissipation

Rotating and removing lamp replacement and easy replacement of equipment for safety and efficient maintenance time.

High purity aluminum reflector for good lighting performance.

Double fold, strong open arms for durability and repeated use.

city ​​streets, residential roads, industrial estates,: Applications

base Cap: E27 / E40

Optical cover / lens type: glass bowl / cover

Teeth: SGR

Lamp: SON-T

House Lamp Color: Gray

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