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Street lights PJU CLEAR ENERGY Induction LD-4 80W
Street lights PJU CLEAR ENERGY Induction LD-4 80W
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Induction lamps are strongly recommended for use in hazardous places where lamp replacement work is very expensive and very dangerous, such as in tunnels, roads with fast traffic, flyover interchange, subway, high-ceilinged factory, hall or Stadium.

In addition, as fluorescent lamps that do not have electrodes, induction lamps have the following features: high efficiency (80-85 lumens per watt); can start immediately immediately, can start on low temperatures (minus 26 degrees Celsius), no flicker, can be used with DC power (eg for emergency lights).

Because it has no electrode, the induction lamp will not be affected by the switching frequency.

And, as much as 99.6% of the material can be recycled, so it is environmentally friendly.

Product Specifications:

Lamp Power (watts): 40 Watt

Rate Voltage (V): 220

Rate Current (A): 0.18A

Power Frequency: 50-60Hz

Lumens efficiency: 80Lm / watt

Power Factor:> 0.99

Color temperature White: 6400k

Color rendering Index:> 80

Life span: 60,000 Hours

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