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emergency lamp LED Powercraft TED 10NM
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Sell emergency lamp LED Powercraft TED 10NM

Specification of emergency lamp LED Powercraft TED 10NM

Powercraft Emergency LED TED 10NM Specifications

Description & Features Emergency Power Twins Spot TED 10NM:

Fireproof (UL94) housing and UV stabilized diffuser.
Snap in design, suitable for indoor and wet applications.
Low heat generation, ensuring more reliable and reliable service life.
Low cut battery voltage - off with batten function, to remove batteries more than discharge
Cost LED Indicator and switch test.

Product Specifications:

Model number: TED 10nm
Operation Mode: Non Maintenance (Free Maintenance)
Lights: 2x3.6V / 1A power LED Module
Rated duration: 2 hours (3 hours on request)
main supply: 220-240 volts
main frequency: 50-60Hz
Power consumption: <1.5watt
Battery: i Nickel Cadmium High Temperature
Charger: Set variable level
Charger Monitor: LED
Safety features: Low battery voltage is cut to prevent over discharge
Recharge Period: <24 hours
Diffuser: Acrylic Plate injection (Fire Retardant)
Construction Fittings: Molded fire retardant (UL94) housing and diffuser
Weight: Approximately 1.5 kg.
Dimensions: Mountain Surface: 310mm (W), x 140mm (H), 105mm (D)
Standard / Compliance: IEC 60598-2-22, SS 263 part 2, SS 563.

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