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TKI 2x36 Wiring Cable LED Lampshade
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Lamp Caps 2x36 TKI LED Wiring Cable

Tank Lamp 2 x 36 Watt is a hood or lamp house for normal TL-D lamp 2 x 36 watt Philips / TL-LED 2 x18 / 16, TKI type lamp 2 x 36W (TK = Balok, I = Inbow / entrance ceiling ), lights with 2 normal 36 watt TL lamps entering the ceiling, available options for regular ceilings and gypsum or acoustic ceilings

Made with thick plates and in powder coating paint is very strong and durable, suitable in use in office buildings and malls,


Compatible to: 2 x Pihilps TL-D 36watt / 2x Philips LED T8 -18 / 16watt

Material: Galvanized Stainless Steel 0.7mm thick with Powder Coating Cat

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