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Powercraft ECL-LED Battery Charger1
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IDR 1.00

Specification of

Battery Charger Powercraft ECL-LED1

LED load
Suitable for various load LED voltage range
Extra low standby power consumption
Low-profile casing (22mm x 28mm cross-section)
The filler output is set
Avalaible for 2 hours / 3 hours
high temperature, 70 ° C NiCd battery (NIMH avalaible upon request)

Model Number: ECL-LED 1
Mode of operation: Maintained / Non-Maintained
Light type: 3-70V LED load
Duration is rated: 2 hours / 3 hours
Supply voltage: 220-240V, 50-60Hz
Current supply: 20mA
Power consumption: <2watt
drip charge: 80mA / 125ma
Battery Charger: Set variable level
Battery Charging Time: <24 hours
Battery Protection: Low battery Voltage cut-off (Prevent battery discharge)
Battery type: High temperature Nickel cadmium
Charger Monitor: LED
Casing Construction: Electro - galvanized steel
Max Casing temperature: 70 ° C
Standard approval: IEC 61347-2-7 (SS 490-2-7), SS 563.

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